A FIELD GUIDE TO WEEDS masquerades as a 19th century pocket guide, but a guide in which the weeds themselves have taken over. This project uses the physical form of the book as a metaphor for a crack in the city sidewalk: the dandelion, pigweed, and poison ivy—the very plants we step over, ignore, dig up, or scrupulously avoid—creep out of the gutter, up pages, and overrun the book. Multiple silhouettes overlap and repeat, drawing the reader’s attention to the overlooked. This book was published by Printed Matter as part of the Emerging Artist Publishing Program in and is now in its third printing. Cloth cover, sewn-bound, ribbon, 5-color, 17.5 x 11.8cm, 96 p. 1st edition 750; 2nd edition 1500; 3rd edition 1500.