Rock, Paper at Milton Art Bank, a solo show


In this exhibition by Kim Beck, her new work is the result of looking at and recording the everyday landscape as seen on daily walks with her dog. This experience is recorded through rubbings, photographs and prints, using rocks, ink, mud and rain. Rubbings of the road are printed and layered into thousands of Risograph prints, each one unique. Photographs of the road are woven together to create a new topography. Bricks from a demolished structure leave traces on paper, built up from rain and mud. A found rock is used to make prints, the rock itself becoming as salient, like a Japanese suiseki rock to be appreciated for its aesthetic value. While works on paper are tenuous and fragile, the rock is solid. The black ink on its surface another trace of an implied invisible action. Collectively this work is a meditation on roads, walking and the intersection of humans and nature in the landscape.

July 11-September 21st at Milton Art Bank