Home Economics at The Woskob Family Gallery, Penn State University


Opens June 29 through August 12, 2017

Kim Beck,  Income / Outcome,  Door mats,  2017

Kim Beck, Income / Outcome, Door mats,  2017

Curated by Haley Finnegan

The Woskob Family Gallery is pleased to announce Home Economics, a collection of two- and three-dimensional work by ten artists engaging with various understandings of home, what it means to belong, and the intricacies of domestic relationships. Ranging from the deeply personal to the overtly political, the works in Home Economics engage with issues including debates over immigration, changing notions about gender and family roles, and the growth of militant nationalism. Through paintings of intimate interiors, cheeky reinterpretations of domestic artifacts, and various representations of houses, “home” becomes a site for nostalgia, pride, and even anxiety. The included artists are Natalie Baxter, Kim Beck, Laurent Chéhère, David Cuatlacuatl, Rachel Farbiarz, Adia Millett, Danielle Mužina, Nick Naber, Hillel O’Leary, and Polly Shindler.