In the catalogue, art historian Toby Lawrence writes "Arrows are by definition directional. The series of skywritten arrows in Kim Beck’s work, There Here, is layered in significance and points of reference. Earlier iterations of Beck’s The Sky Is the Limit project reflect billboard and advertising language as well as highway exit signs, exploring the potential of signage to move bodies through space and the implications of this gesture. In Buffalo, the gesture is more direct. Sited within the city’s rich history and its position as a border town, the arrows rendered in the sky by a skywriting airplane draw attention to the physical and psychological space held by the border and relationships between the United States and Canada. Within, the arrows signify guidance and also allude to the history of Buffalo as the traditional lands of the Seneca people, as a migratory and economic gateway, and as a site of resistance and revolution through significant markers of history, such as the War of 1812 and the Underground Railroad that provided access to freedom for Black slaves into Canada." Commissioned for Wanderlust: Actions, Traces, Journeys 1967-2017 at the UB Art Galleries, curated by Rachel Adams.

Details: Skywritten arrows over the US/Canadian border at the Niagara River, photographs, 10 billboards, 2017

Exhibited: UB Art Galleries & City of Buffalo